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  • Zirconium castings made from electronic patterns and graphite moulds


The technology using electronic patterns secure castings with

  • Reduced time to manufacture
  • Reduced total manufacturing costs
  • Improved cast tolerances with lower unit weight
  • Castings of high integrity and dimensional accuracy
  • Appropriate surface finish and enhanced letter definition
  • Opportunities for one-off and small series production
  • Drawings can be revised without any cost implications
  • No pattern storage or maintenance costs 



Furnaces: Several vacuum arc melting and pouring units

From 80kg to 750 kg liquid zirconium per pour.

Envelope: D 2000 x h 1950

Alloys poured: ASTM B752 702C and 705C
General tolerances: ISO 8062 CT10
Surface finish: MSS SP55 or better


Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

To assure highest possible quality, castings are always subjected to HIP to qualified procedures. Size of HIPIng envelopes are 1200 x 1500 mm.



Commercial, Industrial, Consumer


Delivery times

All our orders are delivered to customer at maximum 16 weeks. Repeat orders shall be with our customer after 12 weeks.



The foundry manufacture castings in accordance to ASTM / DIN / ISO or other required standards.

Non destructive testing is in accordance with relevant standards such as DIN, ANSI, ASME and ASTM standards. NDT operators are EN 473/ASME certified.



Alba and our partners are approved by the following companies & organizations: 


ISO 9001-2000 by Bureau Veritas.

PED by Bureay Veritas


Numerous companies, engineering companies and end users have approved our titanium castings and are using Alba as their single source of supply.