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December  '2013 


ALBA Casting Technology Ltd Shaanxi, a fully owned subsidiary of ALBA INDUSTRIAL AS is awarded ISO 9001 certification issued by BUREAU VERITAS.



September  '2013 


ALBA and BAOTI receives the orders castings for CHINA CHEM of which requires special metalurgical considerations. Orders to be delivered within 12 weeks.



October '2012 


ALBA and BAOTI receives the casting orders for butterfly valves, globe valves and control valves for the BP QUAD Project. BP UK performs extensive Control of our cast quality and procedures, and our test sampling system is validated through testing a sacrificial valve body casting.



October '2012 


ALBA and BAOTI is audited and approved as supplier of titanium castings by GE ENERGY SERVICE



June '2012 


ALBA and BAOTI signs contract as sole and exclusive sales export channel for their casting business. The agreement will improve market penentration and secure that all customers are receiving the very best service and quality needed to remain their preferred supplier



October '09 


ALBA is awarded the order for a 16" Cl 150 globe valve with weight more than 350 kg.



October '07 


ALBA is awarded the order for all titanium castings on the GJOA and VALHALL project.


June '07 


ALBA wins the first major order for zirconium ASTM B752 C-702 castings. A total of 200 castings are supplied.



October '06 


ALBA has successfully moved all production from Russia to China. The move will enable ALBA to offer our customers additional alloys and metals in addition to standard grades C-2 and C-5.



March '06 


ALBA is awarded the order for all titanium castings on the project LNG Adriatic.  
Castings for Gate, globe and butterfly valves are supplied.